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Virtual reality online poker has arrived. For the individuals who can’t or don’t wish to visit a block and-mortar gambling club, you can now have the experience of one while sitting in your night wear and eating Triscuits.

Casino VR: Poker is the principal application of its kind that will permit players to encounter a completely utilitarian, multi-player poker diversion rendered in totally immersive virtual reality, if they have the equipment, obviously.

With Oculus Rift, the world’s first economically accessible VR headset, because of go at a bargain inside of a matter of months, virtual reality in now turning out to be all that much a reality.

Casino VR: Poker is a play-cash amusement, right now in beta testing, that transplants you into an extensive completely explorable clubhouse hall with various poker tables to look over. Players expect symbols that can interface with others in the amusement, using head following and spatial voice visit so they can talk socially with kindred players.


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