How to cheat on poker

How to cheat on poker

how to cheat on poker

Cheating on poker is illegal if you do it in casino,but is fun to know how to cheat when you want to play with your friends.So,why not?

Cheating can be done in numerous ways, including intrigue, sleight-of-hand, (for example, base managing or stacking the deck), or for example, stamped cards or holdout gadgets.


One of the most fun and easy way to cheat on poker is Hand Mucking


What is hand mucking?

Muck in betting has different implications. In poker, it frequently alludes to the heap of tossed cards into which players might toss their collapsed hands, and into which the merchant might put blazed cards. It might likewise allude to the activity of tossing a hand into the muck. At the point when a player is collapsing his hand (face down) without saying anything, actually the hand is not collapsed until it achieves the waste (it can be taken back and utilized if the merchant did not take the hand yet


It is better and easier if there’s a video:

Hand Mucking tutorial


Another way to cheat on poker would be: Magic Trick


If you are not dare enough to cheat on poker, try to cheat on games!


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If you would like to try to cheat on pokerstars, please do look up to here first

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