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Some slot machines have extra diversions or different extra components and these are known as bonus slot machines. The special features include in Bonus Slot Machines is that it consist of providing users to win additional prizes while Classic Slot Machine only provide on winning basic bet. Extra amusements are found on bonus slot machine including 5 reel openings, giving the player more opportunities to win additional prizes.

To start with the reward diversion, it is activated by 3 bonus symbols, then on a second screen there are 5 items and you get the chance to choose 3 items to uncover money prizes. At that point the reward amusement completes and you are back to the reels and the as basic slot machine.

A slot machine may contain any mix of a reward amusement, free twists and a bet highlight, truth be told, numerous slots contain every one of the three elements and a few slot even have various extra bonus games.

Bonus game feature

Bonus game feature is any kind of feature that is extra element to the typical twist capacity of the slots game.For instance if the slot takes you to an alternate screen where you get the opportunity to turn a wheel that would be a sort of reward diversion, however in the event that the reels of the amusement all of a sudden changed and you needed to choose the images to find point values behind them that would likewise be classed as a reward diversion.

Free Spins Feature

Free spin feature is likewise in some cases called a free game feature and this is the place a player wins additional extra spins that they would usually need to pay for. Frequently when a slot is in free spin mode there will be an adjustment in sound, and some of the time even shading or lights glimmering to indicated that you are in a free spin mode. There is regularly a count down so you can perceive what number of free spins you left.

Bet Feature

On 5 reel video slots a bet include typically takes the type of a player being offered the decision to choose a card; the decision is normally either red or dark, or figure a suit, if the shade of the card is speculated effectively the rewards are generally multiplied. On the off chance that the suit is speculated accurately the rewards are normally quadrupled. This feature is generally played once the player has made a triumphant mix and really has a few rewards to bet with.


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